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Argentine Composers - PDF and WAV files
Classical Guitar Library - Articles and Composer Information
Classical Guitar - Internet Resource Center
Early Guitars and Vihuela - A Network for Historic Guitars and Vihuelas
Early Romantic Guitar Information - Early Romantic Composers, Guitars, and artists.
Guitar Salon International - Guitar Dealer Website with Additional Resources - Classical and Flamenco Guitar Resources - Instruction and General Information for Students
Guitarra Magazine - An Online Guitar Publication
Learn Classical Guitar - Classical Guitar Resources
Online Encyclopedia of Tunings - Tunings of Stringed Instruments
Open Guitar - Music Education for Guitarists and Other Musicians
Segovia Museum - Segovia's Contributions to Culture and Music
Zingstruments - Learn to Play and More

Free Sheet Music - Classical Guitar Resources
Free Scores - Free Sheet Music for Many Instruments
Georges Raillard - Music for Guitar
guitarfreescores , (In Italian) - Free guitar sheet music, mp3s, videos, CD

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Classical Guitar Midi Archives - Midi Files of Information


Guitar Foundation of America - Guitar Foundation of America

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Early Music Chicago - Early String Instruments
Lute Society - Lute Society in England
Lute Society of America - Lute Society in the United States
Music for the Baroque Guitar - Bibliographical Information for the Lute, Baroque Guitar, and Vihuela - A Website about the Oud(Ud)
Tablature Editor - Tablature and Scores