Books About Guitar

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Alexander Bellow, The Illustrated History of the Guitar, Franco Columbo Publications, 1970
An overview of guitars and guitarists through history, with many color photographs.

Tom and Mary Anne Evans, Guitars Music, History, Construction and Players From the Renaissance to Rock, Paddington Press Ltd. 1977
A very broad overview of many aspects of many types of guitar.

D. Fernando Ferandiere, The Art of Playing the Spanish Guitar, 1799
English translation printed by Tecla Editions, 1977

George Gilmore and Mark Pereira, Guitar Music Index, Galliard Press
A listing of guitar music in print.

Frederic Grunfeld, The Art and Times of the Guitar, Collier Books, 1969
Guitars, guitarists and composers through history

Brian Jeffery, Fernando Sor Composer and Guitarist, Tecla Editions, 1977

David B. Lyons, Lute Vihuela and Guitar to 1800: A Bibliography, 1978
Composers, performers, instruments, history, manuscripts, reviews

Emilio Pujol, The Dilemma of Timbre on the Guitar, Ricordi Americana, 1960
Modern translation

Ronald Purcell, Classic Guitar, Lute and Vihuela Discography, Belwin-Mills
Records listed by performer with the contents of each.

Milt Raskin, Isometrics for Guitarists, Playback Music Publishing, 1971
A general overview of anatomy and excercises for targeting various muscles of the hand and forearm.

Harvey Turnbull, The Guitar from the Renaissance to the Present Day, Charles Scribners Sons, 1974
In-depth coverage from early instruments including the vihuela, four-course and five-course guitars to the classical guitar of today, including composers and performers.

James Tyler, The Early Guitar A History and Handbook, Oxford University Press, 1980
Four-course and five-course guitar, tablature, technique, ornamentation.

David Russel Young, The Steel String Guitar: Construction & Repair, Chilton Book Company, 1975
Much of the information is relevant to other types of guitars.

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