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Not sure what to look for in an engineer, or what questions to ask?
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Over 40 Years Experience
Simple, sophisticated solutions designed from a customer's perspective.
  • embedded systems
  • consumer electronics
  • industrial controllers
  • mixed-signal systems
  • measurement
  • neural networks, machine learning
  • lasers
  • motor control
  • RF
  • video
  • C, C++
  • Windows®
  • Internet programming
  • finely-honed assembly language
  • diagnostics
  • reverse-engineering
One-Stop Shopping
From refining a preliminary concept to preparing for final production, our comprehensive services cover specifications, hardware, software, PCB layout, prototyping, testing, manuals and training. Independently, or in collaboration with your own technical and marketing staff, we design as if we had to manufacture and use the product ourselves. After delivery, we continue to offer any documentation, training or support you might need.
Topnotch Telecommuting
Although willing to travel when necessary, most work can be completed just as effectively (and often more quickly and economically) from our facilities. We have the experience to guide semi-skilled personnel through complex installation and troubleshooting tasks by phone, skype or e-mail. If we can't diagnose a problem during a phone call, we usually have a solution by the next day.