Active Image Window "Text" Tab

This is where you enter titles, notes, other pictures, links, and more. Photo Sieve stores this information inside your picture file where it stays when you move, rename or share the picture.

Save your changes with menu "File/Save Picture", control-s on a Windows Computer, or command-s on a Mac. The "Save" icon in the "Text" tab lower toolbar exports to a disk file for archiving or use in other programs. The "Load" icon imports text from a disk file saved with Photo Sieve or created with another program.

Use the "Options" dropdown icon to choose which icons appear in the toolbar. Click to check or uncheck each option. Note that there is a separate dropdown for each toolbar.

Click and drag to select text, or double-click to select a single word before changing fonts, colors, bold, italics, or alignment.

While editing, you may use keyboard shortcuts ctrl-c to copy, ctrl-v to paste, ctrl-x to cut, and ctrl-z to undo.

Click the numbered list icon or bullet icon to start a list. Click the icon again to end the list.

Click and drag to select text, or double-click to select a single word before adding a link. To link to another picture, use the complete filename and path. Menu "Select/Copy Filename" copies the complete path of the Active Image, ready to paste as a link with right-click and "paste". Links to websites must be the complete URL starting with "http". Links to pictures may be relative to the directory of the picture with the link (no path: mypicture.jpg) to simplify moving or sharing pictures. You may also link to most files on your computer such as sound files, videos, or documents. Include the complete path if the link is to a picture in a higher directory or on a different drive.

Keep inserted images small and use the minimum number of colors to further reduce the size of the image. For black and white images, try 1-bit color rather than gray scale. For color images, try 8-bit (256 colors).

The jpg file format limits the amount of information that can be stored inside a file. You can have lots of text, but inserting images takes lots of space. When you save, Photo Sieve will warn you if you added too much and show the percentage of overflow. 200% means there's twice as much as allowed and you must reduce the size by half. Start by reducing the size of any images, or replace images with links.