Experimental Pre-release Versions of Photo Sieve®

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Beta Test Version v1.0.13 contains many internal improvements for greater flexibility.

These downloads are digitally signed so your computer can verify the installer files are complete and unchanged.

The Mac pkg file is signed with a certificate issued by Apple to registered developers.

The Windows exe file is signed with a Comodo code-signing certificate. Canzona Technologies should appear as the Verified Publisher.

Download PhotoSieveSetup.exe for Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or newer.

Download PhotoSieve.pkg for MacOS 10.10 Yosemite through 10.14 Mojave. PhotoSieve does not yet work with OSX Catalina. We're working on it. You may see a warning that it isn't compatible with the latest version of OSX. You may have to adjust your security settings using menu apple/System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Allow apps downloaded from "App Store and identified developers". Program entitlements are: internet access; USB device access for loading and saving files; printing; reading and writing files, download folder, pictures; using your computer's location for GPS tagging of pictures.

The Executive Summary

I really appreciate your help testing these experimental versions. I won't post program updates with known problems unless I specifically need help tracking down that specific problem. With each new program, there will usually be a list of new features or changes that need testing. These test versions have all features enabled, along with some additional features to assist with testing and debugging. Major changes will be added gradually and tested individually.

You should keep these experimental versions separate from your regular working version.

The Fine Print

The most difficult part of fixing problems is often recreating them. In some cases, people may discover a problem but not remember exactly what they did. In such cases, post what you remember and perhaps others can experiment and try to recreate the problem.

These experimental versions are fully functional, but the Editor features expire in 90 days unless you enter your authorization code. The 90 days starts when I create the new version which is the date shown after the version number in the "About" menu. Each new version posted will work for another 90 days. After the 90 days, it still works without the Editor features and you can still open and view all your photos.

An Extra "Thank You"

Many people enjoy getting an insider's peek at a new product before it's released, or getting a head start with something they intended to keep using. Testers also have the opportunity to provide suggestions and help guide the development of the next release.

As an extra incentive, the first 50 people who submit test logs confirming at least 10 hours of testing of the beta test version will receive the release version free. Photo Sieve will be released in 2 versions: A free viewer with limited features, and a paid editor with all features enabled. After the release, qualified testers will receive a free authorization code (a $35 value) unlocking all program features of the official release version.

Photo Sieve beta versions keep a log of your activity within Photo Sieve such as session start time, session end time, menu selections, how many pictures loaded, and how many pictures saved. Photo Sieve also adds a summary of the Overview window filenames and tags, and Exif information from the Active Image to the log before emailing.

Photo Sieve creates a new log file each day and deletes old log files after a few days. To be properly credited, you should send the log file at the end of each day. All sessions that day will be in the same log file. If you miss a day, you can submit an older log file as an attachment.

The log is automatically submitted when you select menu "Help by Email" and leave the "Include Log File and Screen Shot" box checked. Including the selected image or an extra attachment is optional. You can view the log files in Photo Sieve's home directory where it stores your psiv picture albums. In Windows, the directory is: "c:\Users\<your name>\Documents\PhotoSieve". On a Mac, look in "Documents/PhotoSieve". Photo Sieve also leaves a copy of the zip file email attachment in the same folder.

Check the online help forum to see how many authorization codes have been awarded.

The offer of a free authorization code for qualified testers ends after 50 codes have been awarded, or when the first tested version is released, whichever comes first. We reserve the right to determine who qualifies for a free authorization code based on total hours documented in the log files, and what each tester does during each session as indicated by the log file entries. If you're using Photo Sieve to add tags and descriptive text while it's running, you will likely qualify. We look to see if the log file shows that various program features were used throughout the 10-hour period, and will award activation codes to the first 50 people who qualify. There is no preference given to those submitting longer log files. All decisions are final.