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JDraw Image Viewer/Measurement Program
Distributed by Canzona Technologies

The original program was written by Bertel Brander and posted for free downloading at Bertel Brander's JDraw V2.0 could read jpg and bmp files, create images from the clipboard (paste), resize, mirror, crop, rotate, write jpg and bmp images and copy to the clipboard. The program uses a jpeg library from The Independent JPEG Group.

Don Rowe added measurement capabilities. You can select any object in the image to be a unit of measurement and precisely measure distances between any two points, and within a resizable, rotatable rectangle. Details are explained in the help file. In keeping with Bertel Brander's original intentions, this version is still free.

JDraw runs on Windows XP with a Pentium processor. It's offered "as-is" at no charge and is guaranteed to be worth at least twice that. SetupJDraw.exe installs to the folder of your choice and includes an uninstall option.

Download V2.3